Welcome to the open online course on Learning & Knowledge Analytics

Learning & Knowledge Analytics 2011 – LAK11 – is an open course that will be offered from January 10 – February 20, 2011. LAK11 serves as an introduction to the growing field of analytics in teaching, learning, training, development, and organizational knowledge.

LAK11 will address the following topics:

Week 1 (Jan 10-16): Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics
Week 2 (Jan 17-23): Rise of “Big Data” and Data Scientists
Week 3 (Jan 24-30): Semantic Web, Linked Data, & Intelligent Curriculum
Week 4 (Jan 31-Feb 6): Visualization: Tools for, and examples of, Analytics
Week 5 (Feb 7-13): Organizational implementation
Week 6 (Feb 14-20): What’s next for Learning & Knowledge Analytics?

There is no fee to participate. The course will include synchronous (Elluminate) and asynchronous (blogs, moodle) interaction.

This course will be facilitated by George Siemens, Jon Dron, Dave Cormier, Tanya Elias, and Sylvia Currie.

To get started:
Please join this group: https://groups.google.com/group/LAK11/. Once the course begins, daily emails of course activity, readings, and other highlights will be sent to this group.
Course Tag: LAK11 (for tagging resources in delicious/diigo, Twitter hashtag, and tagging blog posts)

The course syllabus and reading list will be posted in early January, 2011.

We will be using Moodle for course discussions. However, feel free to blog or participate in any forum you prefer. If you intend to blog, please send me (gsiemens@gmail.com) a link to your blog so I can include it in our aggregated blog list. Blogs, Moodle posts, tags, and related resources will be aggregated in the LAK11 Netvibes page.

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  1. Fedela Feldia Loperfido

    I’m Feldia, a phd in Educational Psychology from the University of Bari. I’m very interested in this course because I study the efficacy of new technologies in learning processes.

  2. Please sign me up for the open course: Learning & Knowledge Analytics 2011.

  3. Looking forward to the course!

  4. Is there still a kickoff session scheduled? Time and call in information?

    Kick-off session: how to participate in the course (January 7, 2011)

    Thank you,

    • Hi Brad – yes, we are meeting in elluminate tomoro. Are you subscribed to the Google Group for the course? All information is being posted there: groups.google.com/group/lak11

  5. missed Illuminate but caught the slide show – excellent. feeds & bookmarks set up ~ ready to go (immerse myself in chaos) 😯

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  9. I am an Ed.D. student in Long Island, NY and plan to research learning analytics. Is there any way to view the online course on Learning & Knowledge Analytics at this date in time? Any assistance in learning more would be much appreciated. I hope to attend the 2nd LAK conference.
    Thank you

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