Learning Analytics Resources

It’s getting to be an understatement that learning analytics are exploding as an area of interest. Attention to data and analytics appeals to a fairly broad spectrum – research, K-12, universities, administrators, and startups.

While we are getting dangerously close to hype-level, the quality and breadth of literature on learning analytics and educational datamining is improving as well. A few recent resources that I’ve come across may be of interest:

The State of Learning Analytics in 2012:A Review and Future Challenges (.pdf). An excellent report by Rebecca Ferguson, providing an overview of LA as well as challenges going forward.

Analytics in Higher Education: Establishing a Common Language (.pdf) Self explanatory by title alone :).

Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics (.pdf). A report by US Dept of Education. Details analytics processes and provides important challenges to consider if the field of LA is to progress.

And finally, last week I presented to EDUCAUSE’s online conference on learning analytics. Slides are below:

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