WEEK 1: Introduction to Learning Analytics

January 7:
LAK11 Overview: in Elluminate…and presentation slides on slideshare.
Presenter: LAK11 Facilitators

January 10:
EDUCAUSE ELI Webinar: Recording: Learning Analytics: A foundation for informed change in education
Presentation Slides
Presenter: George Siemens

January 11:
Elluminate Recording: Learning Analytics
Presenter: John Fritz, UMBC

January 14:
Elluminate Recording: Facilitator Chat & LAK11 Week 1 Review

January 18:
Elluminate Recording: Educational Data mining
Presenter: Ryan S.J.d. Baker

January 21:
Elluminate Recording: Facilitator Review of Week2

January 25:
Elluminate Recording: Semantic Technologies in Learning Environments
Powerpoint slides are available
Presenter: Dragan Gašević

January 26:
Elluminate Recording: Purdue Signals and Learning Analytics
Presenter: Kimberly Arnold

January 28:
Elluminate Recording: Facilitator Discussion

February 4:
Elluminate Recording: Facilitator Discussion

February 8:
Elluminate Recording: Systemic Adoption of Learning Analytics
Presenter: Linda Baer, Gates Foundation

February 11:
Facilitator Session: Elluminate Recording

February 14:
Jeff Dougherty (Thomson Reuters): Elluminate Recording

February 15:
Hard and Soft Technologies: Elluminate recording
Presenter: Jon Dron

February 17:
Learning Analytics: Notes on the future: Elluminate Recording
Presenter: Simon Buckingham Shum

February 18:
Facilitator Session: Elluminate Recording