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Structure and Logic of Analytics (video)

The video of my talk at Columbia U’s Teachers College is now online:

Structure and Logic of the Learning Analytics Field

Learning analytics is hardly new. It has roots in various fields, including business intelligence, HCI, assessment/evaluation, and research models in general. What is new, however, is the rise of quantity and quality of data being capture as learners engage in learning processes. As a consequence of better and more data, analytics have gained attention in education. Currently, three specific strands exist: educational data mining, academic analytics, and learning analytics.

I had the opportunity to engage in discussion around the shape of the learning analytics field a few weeks ago when I met with researchers and academics at the EdLab at Columbia University. Slides from my talk are below. It is interesting to watch how quickly analytics are being adopted in education. Starting at slide #22, I draw distinctions between the research methods and data sources for LA and EDM by looking at a few exemplary papers from each field.

Columbia TC from gsiemens

Learning Analytics: Open Online Course, round 3

SoLAR will be offering the third instance of Learning Analytics and Knowledge open online course: This eight week course provides an introduction to learning analytics, including tools and techniques. We have numerous guest speakers arranged as well. A greater area of focus for this iteration of the course is on analytics tools. We will be including tutorials and small user groups to do a deeper dive on different analytics techniques.

Learning Analytics Summer Institute: Stanford U

Learning analytics was a reasonably prominent area of interest in the education conference circuit during 2012. Through SoLAR, we’ve been developing support for researchers, students, and practitioners through conferences, regional workshops, online presentations, and (soon to be announced) our journal of Learning Analytics.

One project that I’m excited about is our upcoming Learning Analytics Summer Institute at Stanford July 1-5, 2013. The call for submissions to attend this event is currently open (until January 30). We are working on raising funding to cover the cost of participants. If LA is something that interests you, as a student or faculty member, I encourage you to apply to attend!