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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge have been posted. It’s encouraging to see how rapidly learning analytics literature is developing…

Special Issue on Learning Analytics: Published

Dragan Gasevic and I recently edited a special issue of Journal of Educational Technology and Society. The issue is now available online (.pdf). From our editorial:

This issue reflects the rapid maturation of learning analytics as a domain of research. The papers in this issue indicate LA as a field with potential for improving teaching and learning. Less clear, currently, is the long-term trajectory of LA as a discipline. LA borrows from numerous fields including computer science, sociology, learning sciences, machine learning, statistics, and “big data”. Coalescing as a field will require leadership, openness, collaboration, and a willingness for researchers to approach learning analytics as a holistic process that includes both technical and social domains.

The Data Intensive University

The presentation below was delivered in July at the AASCU conference in San Francisco. I grabbed the term “data intensive university” from a conference I attended at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2011. While the term is a bit awkward, it gets at the challenge facing universities: to use organization data to improve teaching, learning, research, administration, and reporting.

Data Intensive University from gsiemens

Call for hosts: LAK14

The call for hosts for LAK14 is now open – information on the timelines and requirements is available here. With continued interest in the conference series and growing literature in the field, we’re (SoLAR) eager to connect with an organizing team/university that shares our interest in developing learning analytics as a research field…