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Videos from Learning Analytics and Knowledge 2011

Apologies for the delay on getting these posted, but the videos for Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference in Banff (way back in February 2011) are now available:


Open Online Course: Learning Analytics 2012

Open Online Course

In 2011, SoLAR member offered an open online course on learning analytics (syllabus). A similar course will be offered January 23-March17, 2012. If you would like to participate in the course, please provide your email below (other fields are optional).

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Penetrating the Fog

Phil Long and I have an article in EDUCAUSE Review on learning analytics in education and learning. From the article:

Higher education, a field that gathers an astonishing array of data about its “customers,” has traditionally been inefficient in its data use, often operating with substantial delays in analyzing readily evident data and feedback. Evaluating student dropouts on an annual basis leaves gaping holes of delayed action and opportunities for intervention. Organizational processes—such as planning and resource allocation—often fail to utilize large amounts of data on effective learning practices, student profiles, and needed interventions.

The article is intended to be an introduction to learning analytics, rather than a detailed technical analysis. For those of you interested in the latter, I recommend the LAK12 conference in Vancouver :).